TOP Benefits of Having Artificial Grass

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has been gaining a reputation as being better than natural grass. You may be surprised to hear this, but artificial grass is actually more eco-friendly (in certain climates) as it doesn’t need a lot of water and fertilizer to be maintained. What’s more, there’s no need to mow it! Best of all, the most recent artificial grass look so good they can fool anyone into thinking they’re real!

Yet opinions remain divided about the benefits of an artificial lawn. In case you weren’t convinced, here are some of the benefits of artificial grass lawns, and why you need to get one today!

Save Money on Water and Maintenance

The velvety green lawns of suburban family dreams come as a heavy cost to the environment. In dry climates, grass lawns account for one-third of all residential water use, creating a terrible drain on the water supply of water-scarce environments.

According to research, typically American families spend an estimated $150 on watering their lawn.

Moreover, mowing, blowing, and trimming all use electricity and create air pollution. Using fertilizers pollutes the groundwater.

In contract, an artificial lawn requires no watering, no mowing, and no feeding.

Easier to Clean and Manage

The lifespan of artificial turf can be up to 10 years – if you take care of it! All you need to do is give it a brush now and then with a broom or rake to get rid of surface leaves and debris. That’s it! Forget the long afternoons of mowing, weeding, or trimming!

Stop the Dogs Messing up the Grass

Fido can dig and dig to his heart’s content – he isn’t going to create a hole in this grass! Maintaining a real lawn when you have a dog can feel like a losing battle – between the digging and dog urine, your lawn can end up looking like a very sorry affair. Dog urine, for example, burns the grass due to its high pH level. This can result in patchy and scorched turf. You can spend hundreds of pounds on lawn maintenance, fertilizer, care treatments, and lawn mowers – but your lawn still won’t recover from the effects of a dog!

That’s where artificial grass comes in. With an artificial lawn, the plastic fibers of fake grass won’t be discolored by dog urine, or damaged by digging and traipsing up and down the lawn! It can’t be dug through due to its tough, double-coated latex backing.

Artificial grass is mud-free, too, so that means no more muddy paws when your dog comes into the house. There are no more harmful chemicals like fertilizer and weed killer that can harm your pooch, and finally, artificial grass doesn’t contain lungworms or other bugs that can hurt your dog!

Save money

In terms of lawn alternatives, artificial grass is cheaper than paving to install – artificial grass only requires 75mm of excavation, as opposed to patio or paving installations which are typically deeper. It’s also quicker to install artificial grass, so reduced labor time results in financial savings.

Compared to real grass, it’s a no brainer – the money you spend on installing the artificial grass is quickly made up for in the years to come where you’ll spend next to nothing on maintenance costs!